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Depression can't cope

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Work advice Hi,

I don't know what to do. I'm very depressed. I've been taking anti-depressants for years but they're not working. I've lost contact with the few friends I had and have become reclusive. I haven't had a partner for years.I just have my work and it's so stressful.

I've been in a managerial role since January and I'm no good at it. I can't see a way to make my life better. Does anybody out there struggle with depression? How do you cope? I need help. I feel so bad.

Depression can't cope

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If you've been accepted into a company and given a managerial position, I'm sure you're qualified, and up to it. However, you're feeling you're no good at it. I believe it's because you're depressed.

So continue to do your work and give your best every day in your office. What you need to work on is your state of mind.

Read everything you can find about depression. Read inspirational books and articles. Go to YouTube, watch Ted talks. Go out doors, walk on the beach - listen to the sounds of the waves, feel the breeze on your face, enjoy the sensations. Walk in the parks, look at the flowers, look intently at the leaves, the beautifully-arranged veins of the leaves.

These are beautiful distractions, they take away unhealthy thoughts.

Have personal rituals - a time to wake up, a time to sleep. A time to brush up, a time for shower. A time for breakfast, a time to work. A time for dinner, a time for walks.

Light a scented candle for 10-30 minutes, blow it out before you go to sleep.

Re-connect with your friends, send them text messages....


Depression can't cope

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Thank you - it's a very kind message. I will try to do some of those things and maybe start to feel better.

Depression can't cope

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You will, Eliza. I know you will. A friend had clinical depression with suicidal tendencies. I walked through with him for one and a half years. He's totally recovered... Back to his arrogant self. Lol.. Be hopeful and..... believe in yourself. Write on cards, the words "I CAN ! " and stick it on the fridge, on the mirror, on the walls....

Peace within.

Depression can't cope

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I really hate to hear that you feel like this. I have felt this way many times and all I can say is try to stay in the most positive surroundings you can. I still struggle but now feel hopeful. I will tell you what I'm doing.

I read, listen and/or watch anything uplifting, encouraging, funny, etc. NOTHING NEGATIVE.
Shower and dress nicely even if staying home.
Began taking vitamins daily. its only been about 2 months now but my hair and nails look healthier.
Get out for fresh air and sunlight daily, if weather permits. I started this after reading about getting Vitamin D from sunlight.
I listen to preaching and Pray. I believe these things really helped.

I'm no longer crying several times a day or thinking about dying and I actually feel happy sometimes. I don't have anyone that I can turn to about this and antidepressants didn't help so this is what I do for myself. Hope it helps!

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