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Women's judgment of other women

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I had to work with a professional and she was a women about 10 years older than I am. I saw her look at me quick from bottom up when I came in. When I was writing something, I could see out of my peripheral vision of her checking her bare nails. Mine was manicured. Sometimes I would say something and she would look down as if thinking something about what I said. I sneezed and the woman asked, "Are you okay?" instead of "Bless you." At the end instead of saying "Nice to meet you." She said, "Well, I'll probably never see you again." I just laughed not knowing what to say because there is no reason to meet again. I feel sometimes women show subtle envy even if they try to smile and seem polite. Jealous and envy are two different things. Jealousy is fear of losing what you have and envy is wanting something someone has. I get it confused and I think many people do also. Am I overthinking that I see subtle behaviors like this in women? Do other women experience this too? What do you do about this? Do you just pretend you don't notice? This is what I do--pretend i don't notice. I tend to be objective and focus on being nice and pleasant. Why do some women have a hard time doing this? Do they do it on purpose or do they not know that they are projecting their jealousy? I find that sometimes I do not like to work with people close to my age. It depends on the situation and a lot on the person because sometimes women can't seem to be objective instead of taking it personal and compare themselves to other women. Do other women feel the same way?

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