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Response for fuck off?

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Relationship advice What should a girl do if her bf loves her to core but said "fuck off" in anger? How should she respond? At that moment she was cool but later she thought abt it and felt it offensive and disrespectful, she is now not talking to her but what should her response be like when he contacts her? please do give ur suggestion

(P.s this is the second time he said this word in our 2 year relationship)

Response for fuck off?

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I guess in certain generational scenes, that word is used very commonly. Still, it is offensive and he lacks the vocabulary to explain himself better.

Calm down and talk together as to why he was so frustrated. Ask him to explain what that means.

Ps What did you do the last time he said that?

Response for fuck off?

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It was an argument in cafe but not a very serious one.He was angry on why i wished my guy friend ( our mutual friend) a happy birthday on text and didnt tell him . I said that i am not ur personal maid.

I dont think its alright to talk to a lady like this.
I really wish to reply with same words when he text me ( angry). :-x

Response for fuck off?

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Don't stoop to his low level.

His remark seems too bold for the situation.

You two need to learn how to communicate. Throwing insults back and forth is not a good way to show you care about a person.

Response for fuck off?

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Susiedqq i read someones comment on this forum that to re-wire a man's mind you must behave like a man not cry like a girl or show them their weakness? Dont u think that he will repeat the pattern if i ONLY show him how sad/upset i am on his remark,and not with my actions or taste of his own words?

Response for fuck off?

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Rewire a man's mind? forget about it. The elephant in the room in this post is that you really need to look at why he reacted the way he did to your text to another mutual male friend without his knowledge. Look at why he's insecure and therefore frustrated and angry. Your " I'm not your personal maid" response to him could have something to do with it if you analyze the issue and your 2year relationship a bit further.

His response was his frustration speaking, but that's who he is and you need to understand that you can't judge him because of his choice of language in a stressful situation (his reaction to your actions & words) directed to you in PUBLIC. Rather, you need to look at the way your actions effect him and the responses you get from him, rather than expect from him. You can't change him, you can only accept him, but you need to understand that any successful relationship needs communication and honesty which creates mutual trust and respect.

It's not about if any of your actions and emotions show him your weakness, it's about the standards that you have and set for yourself. Yes, agreed, his choice of words are offensive, especially when you state he loves you to the core, but find out why his anger over rode his love in this situation.

Response for fuck off?

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Please smbdy reply me on this fast:

Today is our religious festival :EID . He has not wished me uptil now in the morning . Should i wish him or not ?

Response for fuck off?

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"Today is our religious festival "
Today is also a new day, with new beginnings.
Don't begrudge :-)

Response for fuck off?

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Since BOTH of you hurl insults back and forth, you BOTH need to learn to talk to each other. For some reason, you thought his remark was more offensive because he used the F-word. Not true, your remark to him was just as cutting.

This will not be a good relationship if you two don't learn how to speak to each other, especially when arguing.

Yes, greet him today. It will be a good opportunity to start the conversation over. Be sure to let him know that YOU will be speaking in a different tone to him in any discussion. If HE can't do that, then move on.

Response for fuck off?

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@three of u,
Here goes our conversation like this:

Me :Eid mubarak.

He: Eid Mubarak

Me: you dint realise urself to wish me

He: Yeah

Me: I always wish first

You won

Me:No i lost badly. Because i got the most insensitive partner.

Pray to Allah
I can't help you

Me: Who is sensitive only about his ego.
Who is selfish,jealous and abusive!!!

He: Please
Go Tell this to somebody else

Me:Truth is bitter :)

He :Yeah
Don't forget these words
Selfish, jealous and abusive
Any other quality which you want to mention ?

Me: I feel pity on
you .People like you lose everybody in life because they are jealous even of their own friends and worship only their ego.One day u will lose all the people who love u .. even me ! And when u ll realise it will be too late.

Me: Yes u turned this relationship into mentally and emotionally abusive relationship!

He: Good

Me: Dont forget the last abusive words you used!!! Atleast i wont
That was not even a topic to discus, but every time u r looking for excuses to fight !! Fine , but the words you used ... I cant believe that you did that with me.And you claim to be sensitive? No u r not.

Me: Every celebration,every wish is done by me. What do u do? U show that u r most sensitive person but actually you are opposite

Me: You really need to think in loneliness what you did and why ... ! And do self analysis on your uncertain moods and actions which affect others! This time you have crossed all limits and reached to verbal abuse! Good luck and work on them.

Me: The 'two' words which u used - can u use them with ur famly members? If no, then u really need to rethink about your morals and ethics and learn how to communicate.Because i am not going to put up with it.

Response for fuck off?

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Eid mubarak to you too


He said to me at that time(argument- was it even an argument ? ) that i am not doubting u , the problem is that u must not give sumbdy so much importance

Response for fuck off?

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It has been about two weeks he hasnt contacted me (from start of argument uptil now)except for one day when her sis called me and once when i wished him our religous festival.He hasnt contacted me from then..Please reply me what should i do now.

Response for fuck off?

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From your post above, your conversation seems like one from a toxic relationship, meaning the lines of communication in your relationship have broken down OR this guy just doesn't care about you (his responses to you lack reasoning). I think it's time to move on. By staying in this relationship you are unconsciously telling him that it's ok to be disrespectful and talk to you and treat you this way. I know this is easier said than done but staying in this relationship will only become more draining as time passes. Good luck!

Response for fuck off?

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I m really worried becoz i have involved my parent in this and my mom is expecting us to marry.I was totally financially dependent on him as he took care of me and my family after my dads death.But uptil now he isnt talking to me however i tried to contact him many times. Yestrday when i asked him if he can send me some money he replied in evening, how much u need? I said 30 K .and next month my brothers fees as well... he replied after ten minutes " I doubt i dont have that much. I am already in debt." For the first time he answered me like this, i got so shocked and depressed,though i knew he is going thru financial crisis but still it was really a bit shocking me for me .. i replied to him " ya i ws also thinking may b u r burdenised by me.So i started job.ill get salary next month can u send me till dat and i ll return u my bros fees".He replied i dont have right now,i will send you as soon as payment comes. I said when will payment come?he said i ll try after this date ( he told me a day).. then i offered him to watch a movi with me but he didnt reply. :(

I dont understnad what does he want.he also wrote om fb wall that i miss my uni days but not everyone around me .Fake ppl with fake identities and characters. I commented in the form of a joke. :/

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