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Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but this is really urgent and very important. This is a bit long, but please hear me out. So, we had a party last week. It was a late night party and me and my husband had attended it. He was a little drunk and while coming back after the party, he was driving, and we hit a car accidentally. It was actually their mistake, they were at a very high speed and on the wrong side, and that driver was also drunk. But, they are asking for compensation from us. My husband was driving really slow, but because he was a little drunk, they are taking advantage of it and have filed a suit against him. Once the car got hit, the guy who was drunk and was driving, moved and the other passenger guy came to his seat to show that there is no mistake on their part and that the driver was not drunk. Our car has more repairs than theirs, but they are demanding money from us. This is the first time we are facing a situation like this. I agree, drink driving is not allowed, but we really had no other option, and he had drunk very less, that too only because his friends compelled him so much, just to make them happy he had to. So, now, this is a big issues, rather, they have made it a big issue. They are just doing it for money. Our friends suggested that we consult some good criminal lawyers, and we have approached, and they have agreed to take up our case , but still I’m so worried. They are really powerful people. But they are acting so cheap. I’m sure they will do go to any extend. I don’t have anyone else other than my husband and he is my life and I want to free him from this asap. They have ruined our life , just because we unknowingly hit their car. I was thinking of out of court settlement, but will that be a good idea, because they are asking too much. How do we prove ourselves innocent ? I am really so confused at this point. Need your advice on this. Thanks for helping !!

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