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Needing someone to talk to about my feelings

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I recently posted in here about two weeks ago about my husband and I. I received a lot of great advice. As I said before my husband and are young and we have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter. It seems as if me and my husband can't even tolerate each other we have disagreements about every little thing. My husband is in the military and when he got stationed somewhere I quit my job, school, and sold my car. When we first got settled in everything was great I stayed home with our daughter and took care of everything besides going to work but shortly things went sour. I noticed I was being treated like a maid and all he did was go to work. So when I spoke my mind I was told "when you start paying half the bills I'll do half the work" which I didn't feel was right. So finally after weeks of arguing we sat down and made an agreement of things he would help with around the house. The next day things were back the way it was. I will go to the grocery store and take 5 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs and him not help, I take out the trash, I wash the dishes,cook the meals, and take care of our daughter all by myself. Now he's been accusing me of using him for money and stealing from him which isn't the case at all and it really hurts my feelings. Right now I'm trying to better myself so I can get away from him and not depend on him for anything. I gave up a lot of things for this relationship and now I'm refusing to give up on my happiness.

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