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Crush issues

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on Sep 28 2016 at 02:18
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Relationship advice Ok, so I've had a crush on this girl for all of a month. I broke up with me ex the week before I figured out I had this crush (BTW I'm a bi girl) and her and I were talking and she told me she liked me too, but her parents don't approve of gays so she and I couldn't date so we didn't until a week later when we dated for all of 19 hours. She is also best friends with my twin sister who is dating her twin brother.

But she got back together with her ex bf and they broke up and now she likes my ex who is also still my best friend.. He said he likes her too and Idk how to feel about it. I cry on the daily and up until this past weekend I was suicidal. My sister, my crush and I barried all of our stuff we used to self harm with...

I just need advise on how to take all of this. I usually would do dance or write it all down, but none of it is working to take my mind off it... Not to mention I'm usually a student with a 3.9 GPA (in middle school) and currently I have a 3.4...

Crush issues

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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Sep 28 2016 at 11:04
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I've a question for you, OTAKUO318: Were you the one to terminate the romantic side of your relationship with this mbf or was he?

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