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Love or fake friendship can't figure it out

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Long Distance Relationship advice I am a girl and I met with a guy at my college. He was my senior (2 years elder than me). We worked together on some projects and became friends. We were in a college together for 2 years but just as a friend. After that we did not talk for 1 year and we both moved in different countries. After that 1 year we started to chat and then he started to comments on my photos about how good looking I am. He wants to take part in my every single detail what is going up in my life, how I am living in a different country, about my exams etc.He was showing a true care that what I felt. Then I had a feeling maybe he starts loving me and scared to lose our friendship. I was also feeling the same.

So, I took step further and told him that I have feelings for you but he said I do not want to disappoint you it is too early for me to think about that. It is not an easy task for me to say yes or No to you.

Without replying yes or No He didn't stop. However, he begin to talk with me on skype, and later he started to chat with me like boyfriend-girlfriend do about sex. He is so caring though but after 5 months of sexting we had an argument and I stopped talking with him for 1 month he did not even tried to make up in this mean time by doing single message. Then after 1 month I messaged him because I am in true love with him and asked the question you did not even missed me?

He said I was so busy and waiting for you to cool down.Then I said him I am coming in your city for 20 days for some work and he is so happy and wants to have sex with me on that time. I cannot figure it out If he is not in love with me then why he is interested in having sex with me and what is that care he always showed to me.

He talks with me for a whole night and talk about my life and problems but at the end of the conversation when is call about to end he starts sex stuff and then sleep immediately.

Is he is playboy because he is so caring as well or faking a friendship with me without saying yes what I should do now ?

Love or fake friendship can't figure it out

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Well, it's incredibly confusing how this guy tells you he isn't sure how he feels about you, but he is interested in you and your life and wants to become intimate with you and discuss intimate things.

It's hard to say for sure if he cares about you and has trouble with saying it, or if he just wants to have a sex buddies situation with you. If you love him and he knows this, then it is only more aggravating that he can't reciprocate those feelings. He is just making you feel used in the meantime, when you want something more with him.

Unfortunately I can relate to this guy in some respects. There have been girls over the years that I wanted to sleep with, even when I wasn't fully sure if I loved them. Maybe I could have had feelings for them? But perhaps luckily the women almost always never felt anything for me or weren't ready for a relationship with me, so things never went any further than light flirting or kissing and touching over clothes - with the exception of one time... I can say that during that one time, the girl seemed to be more into me than I was into her, primarily because I wanted someone else. Don't let yourself fall into that role for some man.

Maybe it would be a good idea to invite this guy to hang out with you and your friends, and to invite yourself into hanging out with him and his friends. See how he acts when it isn't just the two of you. Maybe keep some reliable friends close so he doesn't make any unwanted moves on you. See if he can cope with that. See what happens when other attractive women are around, also. And maybe be mildly flirty in regards to other guys, without going overboard. Over a period of time, you are likely to begin to notice his flaws. It's then up to you to determine whether he seems like too much of a player who is looking for an easy lay, or if he really does have a special place in his heart for you.

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