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What to do for your birthday with no friends?

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Relationship advice My birthday is coming up (I'm in my 20s) and I have zero friends to celebrate with. I moved a few years ago and was just never able to hold onto friendships - mostly because I didn't really have anywhere to meet people, and the ones I did ended up moving away. I do have a boyfriend, but it's still really new so I don't think he knows yet that I truly have no friends here. We're going to do something with my family, but he has a lot of friends so I don't want him to be weirded out by this.

It would be nice to have pepole my age to go out and celebrate with but I'm even more worried about what my boyfriend is going to make of my lack of friends. What would you do in this situation?

What to do for your birthday with no friends?

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hello there.
dont be sad. there are lots of good people than bad people everywhere.
your neighbors could be your visitors on your birthday
invite them.dont be afraid to talk to them
if most of the time you dont go out of the house, it doest matter.
who knows your very best friend and circle of peers are just outside your gate

What to do for your birthday with no friends?

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If he is worth keeping as a boyfriend, I doubt he'll seriously mind that you are friendless and are spending your birthday with your parents. If anything, he will probably feel bad that you don't have friends, feel like it's good that you are close to your family, and not really have any hangups about this situation like you do in your mind.

I get that it's a new relationship, and maybe he doesn't know you real well yet. You can just casually mention that your birthday is coming up and that you are going to spend some of the day with your family, and ask him if he wants to do something later.

Maybe the issue isn't so much that you're worried about how you're perceived for not having many friends, as it is that you just don't have friends and were really looking forward to a birthday with friends. In that case, know that friendships aren't something you can just force. Friendship is something that kind of proves itself over time. I get it, it's nice to have people to hang out and go do things with, to spend time with and interact with. Especially when you have things in common. But maybe you are making too big a deal of your birthday, and you have too great a need to go run around with friends on that day. There's nothing wrong with spending the day with your parents - at least they are there for you and love you, and chances are that as the years go on you won't have as many opportunities to spend time with them when you want to.

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