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Exercise addiction??

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i think i have exercise addiction. i've been reading about it and i meet many of the symptoms.

i really love to play sports, in particular ball sports (netball and basketball). my cca is netball, and i used to play C, but i was switched to GK/WD and since then i have always felt that i do not get to play enough. trainings are not tiring for me, and i want more trainings and to play more but it is always a problem getting people to play with me.

i keep thinking about playing netball/ basketball, even when i go to bed or wake up from bed. i imagine myself in the game, it is just so fun, yet so frustrating because i am not in the actual game. i also do not have the time and means to play more, although i would definitely do anything to be able to play more. i just can't get enough of it!

i have not told anyone this, for fear of being laughed at, but i really really love playing sports and i am always asking for more. the sport is always on my mind, and this is disrupting me and my studies. how can i control this?

Exercise addiction??

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I have been through this phase where i have sacrificed my family life, my carrer ( in a small way) in order to pursue billiards and snooker. So i definitely know what your going through.

Exercising, playing sports is really good for your mental and physical health. It is natural for someone to invest time in what ever their passions are. You are young and you have the opportunity to build and pursue your passions. It is a good thing that your thinking about sports all the time, atleast your doing something productive. Every professional sports person has gone through this phase and still goes through it. Your research about being an addiction is true, but it applies at a very different level. So firstly i would suggest you take a deep breath and stop worrying so much about it.

Yes, it is very important that you balance out your study time and sports time, your future depends on it. It is far more better that you play sports and invest time in building that up, than go out drinking, get high on drugs, gamble around and reach no where in life. You should talk to your sports coach on how to be able balance your time for this, they will be able to give you some good insights for this. You shouldn't worry about being laughed at, because it is a very normal dilemma and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Maybe you need to start asking yourself how amazing you are in life. That you are able to do things that none of your other mates can do. I don't want to sound cheesy or like a life coach or anything ! but be proud of yourself. Your problem is mainly about balancing your work and play time. Talking to your sports and academic mentors shall give you great insights in how to do that. You can't imagine the power of talking out your problems. All these people have seen past students go through these things, so speak up ! and be proud of yourself.

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