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Is He Choosing Her Over Me?

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on Oct 13 2016 at 18:28
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Relationship advice Hi everyone! Its just been two weeks since my best friend and I started dating, he just broke up with his ex because he is in love with me...the girl is older than him and they both knew the relationship won't work out since they are classmates and she can't wait for him to make it and then marry her...the problem is that I am returning to school tomorrow in a different part of the country and won't see each other till December....we had planned to spend today together but yesterday he suddenly remembered today was her birthday and he couldn't miss it as they were still close..he cancelled meeting me and decided to go for her birthday instead..I feel like he is choosing her over me and I understand they are still friends but shouldn't he spend today with me instead as we won't be seeing each other for three months while they get to see everyday?
Is he choosing her over me?
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on Oct 13 2016 at 21:47
Member since: 29 December 2013
This guy's actions tell you that he's not in love with you, rather he's playing you and his ex. You're correct when you state he should be with you if it's your last day together because you won't see him for a while, but you need to understand that if he was 'with' you 100%, he wouldn't have a need to spend time with his ex, regardless of whatever reason.

Check out his actions before you listen to his words.

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