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How can i trust him again

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Relationship advice I have been with my partner for 20 years.

I think he has a problem and potentially needs to seek help. He is constantly craving sexual attention from other women to the point where he sends explicit messages and photos to other women he has never met.

He has always been a very confident and flirty man, he has previously flirted with other women and I learnt to trust him again and feel really comfortable in our relationship. Very recently he started seeking attention again. We have had a massive chat and decided to really work on our relationship, however im struggling with believing him and was wondeing if anyone has been to some sort of couselling that may help with this situation?

How can i trust him again

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It must be so hard to learn how to trust someone whos flirty and needs that kind of attention, but i guess theres a lot of men and women that are the same. Twenty years is a long time to build up trust but now if it keeps geting knocked and you have to keep rebuilding it. Its really good that you talk about this, and you both seem open and want to work on your relationship, id be more worried if he was hiding things from you and not wanting to have a conversation with you or even work on your relationship and he wants and admits he need help (?).

The first questions that came to my mind when reading this is why other women and not you? What does he get from sending messages and picture to other women when hes got you there pyshically in person. I guess that's something you both need to explore .

Yes there iare different sort of counselling that he could go to get help and figure out why he thinks and does the things he does. General or psychodynamic (which looks into his past to see if anything links up as to why) sex therapist, couple counselling. Think about if you want to go with him too its also about finding the right therapist /counsellor to help guide you both . One there is more of an understanding it will help you both :)


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