I feel my marrige is falling apart after 18 months

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on Oct 18 2016 at 19:01
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I'm a 50 year old Australian who married a 30 year old Pilipino 18 months ago.

We first met 5 years ago when I was on Holiday here where met at shopping mall where my wife worked.

Before we got married we lived together for 9 months where we shared the home duties

I work full time in excess of 50 hours per week, My wife works part time 10 hours a week

I feel now my wife spends more time socialising with her friends than spending time with my self and doing her share of the home duties. At the moment I do the lions share of the cleaning and most meals are take away with out vegies.

When I confront her it only ends up in an argument.

My Wife asks me when are we going to have a Baby ? I reply when we can both keep the house tidy.

The logical side of me Wants to say if you cant pull your weight its over, But in my heart I still Love her and I believe she loves me

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on Oct 18 2016 at 22:50
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I know someone in a similar situation he's been married 5 times and thinks nothing of it. HOMER S go with the flow. You've done your part let her do hers.
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on Oct 19 2016 at 00:46
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Thanks :-)
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Apparently when you were "wooing" her, she got the impression that you were her sugar daddy and were going to take care of her completely. That meant treated like a princess - no housework, work, and now she wants a baby (to seal your commitment and maybe even your manly desire?)

Is that right?

You reap what you sow, friend.

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