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New to people's forum... I am very :

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Relationship advice Where do I begin.
I have been in a relationship for 4 years now. Sam is wonderful and besides my everything and lover We met on the internet and for very personal reasons I can not explain now why we can't be together.
It breaks my heart he is 27 years older than I.
I help mom out she is disabiled and my parents count on me.
Dad found out about him he hates pcs and WOW! The fighting that went on. The words cruel words he said still stings.
He is softening to Sam my boyfriend I have a learnig disality I hate it! BUT Sam is showing me I am much smarter than I think and getting my self esteme and confidence up so dad is really being to like him and dad sees how happy he makes me.
I cry all the time a lot lately I want to as Sam to be together so bad but we can't. His health is not well he had pneomina not to long ago but his Dr said he will be fine may take a year to get his strength back but there's other reasons we can't be together.
I am so thankful to have him in my life, appreciate and grateful for him I ashamed to complain. I am not we want to be married so much OHHHHH! how we love each other. This is a letter about my feelings. Any questions please ask. Maybe someday I will explain better the curumstances.
Thank you all for listening I can talk to mom but she is not well and I don't want to tell Sam what is going on in my life he has his illness and so many problems. Thank God for the board here and all of you. Thank you for listening. TC.

New to people's forum... I am very :

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If I were blind but you had no arms and needed me to change a ceiling-pendant lightbulb for you, which meant you instructing and directing me (being 'my eyes') - how successful do you think I'd be at locating the lamp and its bulb fitting before then managing to get the bayonet or screw-cap orientated and lined-up properly to actually install it, if you insisted on leaving certain steps in that whole process completely out of your overall instructions?

Answer: not very. We'd both remain in the dark, wouldn't we.

Remembering that you are completely anonymous and unidentifiable on here (e.g. this is not a unique dilemma on here or any other forum, not by a LONG shot!), could you please muster the bravery for telling me/us what these obviously pertinent 'personal reasons' are, because they must have a significant bearing on the problem as a whole *as well as* would dictate anyone's ability to be of any use when it comes to offering the *right* sort of available solution(s), including ones that wouldn't/couldn't backfire on you?

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