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I have bipolar and ADHD is this normal?

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My name is Kevin, I am 53. I have a son( 18 )and a daughter(17) 9 years ago, I started to distance myself away from them, I had them in virtual online schooling around that time as well. I have ADHD and Bipolar it causes me to have outbursts towards them often. My wife is normally on my side though. When kids were 8 and 9, I stopped celebrating their birthdays and made my wife stop as well. Was that the right thing? My sisters all have kids they're 23, 24, 22. They also get babied in my opinion. My sisters still celebrate their children's birthdays. Also my bipolar has made me call son and daughter, ugly, fat, stupid, worthless and unimportant for 15 years. Another thing, my son( 18 )and daughter(17) can get a job if they want, I could really care less. The only thing stopping them, is we live off of a highway. They cannot walk to a job. I have let them fill out applications before, no one has hired them as they have no permit, license or car. I have never taught them to drive at 15 and 16 and I'm sure not going to start now. It is not my problem. They have no learners permit no license and no car. I also refuse to drive them if they ever got a job. I want them to move out, or leave never tell me and never come back. I really have wanted them gone since they were 9 years old, Any advice? This normal?

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