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Team participation

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on Oct 25 2016 at 04:20
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Work advice I have worked with teams and sometimes there are individuals who do not effectively communicate. Their language is domineering, confrontational, dismissive or just not in the positive spectrum. Now, I hesitate to bring it to their attention but sometimes I have in a round about way. I also see how this causes lack of involvement from other members. Everyone is afraid of disagreeing or putting their opinion as well as ideas upfront. To this end, the progress stalls because no one voices a need for scheduling a meeting or get some work done.

Question: What is the best way of communicating in such a team environment?

Team participation

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on Oct 25 2016 at 13:54
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This is a common problem for group problem solving or meetings.

The monitor person leading the conversation is the clue. It's a real talent and takes much patience to lead a group where so many personalities come together on one issue. This person can re-state any person's opinion in a positive way, and put that up for the group to see/hear OR change the way people can respond to an issue - perhaps in writing or small groups could come up with a response statement instead of one person speaking.

I am looking forward to others' input.

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