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I need to rework my personality

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I don't have any friends and I don't fit in anywhere. I don't have any obsessions or real interests because I get bored of things quickly. Everyone either has something that they can say they like and are really good at, or have good personal relationships. I have neither. I'm very middle of the road when it comes to pretty much everything. I can carry a conversation and with some internal struggle start one, but they never last too long. Usually I just ask someone a question and they answer it followed by a few more sometimes from them and it's over. I like unrealistic ideas, but am still quit grounded in reality unlike delusional people. I am quite cynical, but still have a positive outlook and dislike for people who, "hate the world and everyone in it". I have no charisma, but I am not socially awkward and I don't think i'm entitled to female attention. When interacting with others I put on the facade of an incredibly bland person without any notable qualities. In reality i'm extremely unlikable. I'm stubborn, have a quick temper, fantasize about completely bizarre and unpleasant things, lie, cheat and steal(but not to an extreme degree). I am very frustrated with life. Please help.

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