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I love him he loves me but the circumstances..

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I was in a relationship for last more than 2 years we were together in college . First we became friends in first year of btech and then this friendship grew stronger day by day .We fight alot but fights were normal to us and we came on track easily . Then after two years of btech we decided to be together forever . That was the most beautiful day of my life i don know when and how i started loved him . We spend so much time together . Whole college know about us that the these two always seems to be together. Everything was so perfect in our relationship he surpised me so many times by doing wonderful things i too did same for him.
I made handmade gifts for him , he took me for shopping for small tours we hugged each other we spend quality time each other we were so perfect for each other . But after that he told me that he wants to do mba after btech i supported him in his every decision i was always there for him whenever he got sad whenever he want support i was completely available for him everytime i was doing this by my choice not by pressure i loved to talk talk to him , be with him . His mba coaching start from the month of july then he needed time for study also i gave sufficient amount of time so that he secure a good pecentile in cat . One year passes like that he stuided daily n waited daily to talk to him . Now comes the 4 th year of btech and also the last year of our studies and yeah imp fr cat too . As the time being close to the cat exam he felt very tensed but i normalised him . Finally he gave the cat exam and secure very good percentile which made me proud of him . After cat our time had been started now we again spend some quality time with each other . Thtat tym was so special and i always cherish that time .Cat interview started then he gave many interviews and got selected in one of them . Everyone was happy but we two were not because the tym had come and we had to separated now . We both cried on the last day of college we hugged each other and gave gifts to each other and good wishes for future. He was a day scholar and i was from other state went there for studies . I came to my home we talked daily share everything but this didnt work for more time . His mba college starts he became very busy at there even he didnt have time to talk to me . This inc distance between us but our love didnt dec it inc day by day and will inc. Whenever he was free we talked for 15-20 min a day not for more . Fights still went on but became normal on the next day . One fight turned our destiny it was on a very small topic then after that we didnt talk for few days after that i called him one day but he didnt pick my call i called him again but he didnt pic. After few min he send me a mail in which he wrote that he quits now and didnt want me in his life anymore also . I called him again tht whats that he picked the call and didnt say anything i asked him continuously that he didnt want me anymore in his life he said no i asked him he didnt love me anymore he said he loves me and will always love me but dont want to be with me. Thats all my story but now felt that one of my body part removed its too depressing . please help me how to get him back

I love him he loves me but the circumstances..

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You have to know that a person cannot make a person love them. It is either there or it isn't.The more quickly you accept this and move on the better it will be for you.

It is very painful and confusing to wonder what happened, what went wrong, and very damaging to your ego to keep stressing over it, especially if you are thinking it in terms of what is wrong with you to cause him to stop wanting to see you. Don't do that. Nothing is wrong with you. It just ran its course with him and now you must move on.

Try and get out and meet as many new people as you can. You will get over it. You have too. In time the pain will reside and you will see why it wasn't meant to be him. Don't pester him or keep calling him. He might have someone else, or found he just doesn't have the time to invest in the relationship any longer.

Best bet is to back out with dignity and let him wonder if he was right to let you slip away. Everyone has gone through the pain of a breakup. time heals all. Stay busy.
good luck, Payitforward15

I love him he loves me but the circumstances..

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"he said he loves me and will always love me but dont want to be with me"

This does not make sense. He owes you an explanation.

You had a college-campus romance. Now that it is "real" life, he pushes you away. Why?

Could it be a cultural difference? Is he pressured by parents to make other choices?

You need to sit down with him and ask him to be honest with you.

Did you ever live together?

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