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Troubles, then more

OK so for a while now I have had troubles going to Sleep, it is not a medical thing it's something I devoloped when I was younger. This doesn't help esspecially at school when we have to do like 20 test but the other problem is My Dad and Mum seperated many years ago and I live with my Dad, so like any other normal person he looks for a Girlfriend, he is up to his 3rd Girlfriend as I can remember and when I can't get to sleep at night it doesn't help that they "Do It" and even if I do fall asleep I don't Deep Sleep untill about 5 o clock in the morning so I wake up hearing them "Do It" I really don't care about responses I just wanted to reach out to the Community.

Troubles, then more

Oh yeah she doesn't come around every night but almost.

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