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i have been in a relation with a guy but unfortunately we broke up and i did accept the break up and i did myslef a favour by blocking him on all social media and communication apps and phone. in my mind ,it was done and i locked himout of my life literally, recently, after some months, he tried calling me on a private line but he didnt say a word, i hang up and he called again and silence still, so i cut the line (my instincts told me that the private call was from him after i received a message from him on my account) while we were stil dating, once in a while, he helped me out financially, so he still had my bank account details and posibly that was the option he would use to get to me, he went a head a deposited money on my account with a message that " use this for what ever you may like , i need you and i love you, please contact me"! previously, i was so sure that he was in a relationship and now he needs and loves me? what is going on? i didnt yet contact him though and its a week since i received that message on my bank account.

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