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Having trouble settling into new job

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Work advice I've just started a new job which entails using a range ot workshop tools. I was using a table saw when the saw kicked back and sent what I was cutting flying across the room, and now I've lost all confidence in my job and starting to feel like I can't do it or I am not good enough and I am also really scared about using any workshop tools.I have always had low self esteem and a lack in confidence and just when I feel like everything is getting on track I do something stupid. If anybody could give any advice at all it would be much appreciated.

Having trouble settling into new job

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Like anything that scares us, we need to grab it and master it to over come our fear of it. There more you use that table saw the more confident you will become. It can't think for itself rather whoever uses it, controls it and the environment it's used in. Make sure your supervisor checks the saw for it's sharpness and safety and instructs you and demonstrates to you, about it's correct use AND it's incorrect use and you'll be well on your way to being it's master.

Your determination will allow you to achieve anything if you give it the chance.

Having trouble settling into new job

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I read your comments about your new job with interest. First, I think congratulations
are in order, getting a job these days is stressful and not all that easy. Where did
you get your training in the use of power tools? What kind of power tools do you use?
Second, your new employer must have had confidence in your abilities, otherwise you would
not have been hired. I know from experience starting any new job can be stressful. You
want to impress your employer and fellow employees by PERFECT in everything you do this
ads more stress to the situation. As a Christian I find comfort in Bible verses such as.
"In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving
let you requests be known God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding,
will guard your hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus", (Philippians 4:6).

Having trouble settling into new job

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I would imagine there's not one guy in your shop that hasn't experienced the same thing.

Thrown off a horse? Get right back on it!

That's now you master fear.

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