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Lost trust?

My husband of 13 years found out that in the past (before I even met him)I had a one night stand with 2 men. He is now totally freaked out and thinks that now he needs to get male enhancement, penis enlargement etc. in order to please me. I told him over and over that it was a dumb drunken thing that happened long ago and that I love him the way he is. He even went so far as to tell me that if he would have known this before we started dating, he never would have gone out with me in the first place! I feel totally devastated and don't know what to do.

Lost trust?

I hope I have this right so I'll repeat what I think. Before you met your husband you had a mfm threesome a single time. Now he says he wants penis enlargement and says he would not have dated you if he had known this. These things don't connect. Penis enlargement wishes would connect to knowing you have had a bigger penis (or more) and enjoyed the size (maybe even a lot). Not dating you doesn't connect because you never know these things (1 time) before dating. If it says anything it says he is reserved or even prudish. One thing for sure is he is insecure now. You need to be loving and reassuring. You shouldn't be a villian here. There is nothing wrong except his hurt and insecure feelings. It really understand, we need more. How did he find out? Was size involved in want he learned? I love you doesn't help much here. I DESIRE YOU is better.

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