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I miss my family

Families are meant to care and love each other, I know that since I was a toddler, they used to love and care for me but everything changed when I slowly grew up to be a teenager, I miss my family in a way that they used to care about me, they always ask how's my day or they care in a sense that when I'm sad, they always knew how to cheer me up. I miss that, I miss them, I miss those moments, but now I don't know, I always cry when no one sees me, I don't feel the need to eat, I always lock myself in my room, hoping that they notice me and come up into my room to speak with me, but no. It's like a month now and neither of them is coming up. I just miss them and I wish them back.

I miss my family

Hi... some times we take things personally that are not really related to us. They too could be having problems that they are silently struggling with. Just like you, they may need someone to ask about them. No matter how old we get we all need to know someone out there cares about us. It is part of being human. You may find that if you are brave enough to take the step out there, you and your family are closer than you realize. We ALL are kids deep down despite how our we look on the outside. Perhaps you separated your self looking for your independence and they are just trying to respect you and give you space?. They probably don't know what to do either as kids do not come with instructions. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they do love and care about you. This is a transitional time for you, take the mature route and be brave....tell them how you feel, ask them how they are doing. (Y) (Y)

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