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Why are they like this?

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I am 53. I never drive my son and daughter places, I am rarely around them. I have had them in online schooling for 11 years. I never got them a drivers permit, or license or car. I never taught them to drive at 15 and 16, and I am sure not going to start now. They're 17 and 18. They have no job and never had one as I never got them an I.D and every time they apply for job the places tell them they're unhirable as they have no transportation. We live in the south and public transportation is an hour away which I will not take them to. We live on an interstate/highway. There are cars everywhere and no side walks or areas on the road for walkers. You cannot go into town without using the interstate/highway. Why are my son and daughter so scared to walk in the road behind cars as if they were driving but they'd be walking?

Why are they like this?

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I don't understand why you are asking this same question again??

Your responsibility as a parent is to take them to get their ID's, get them lessons or teach them how to drive, and HELP them get their licenses. Then, you can let go, but, of course, you will have to allow them use of the car and pay for the insurance until they get jobs.

You are crippling them by keeping them home in online schooling, no social interaction, not taking them anywhere or assisting them in any way to help them get out into the world. It makes complete sense that they are frightened to walk on the interstate. Have you even taught them the rules for pedestrians and traffic? Have you walked with them anywhere? I surely wouldn't want my teen daughter walking along an interstate alone!!!

Put yourself in their shoes. Where would you be if your parents had not given you driving lessons at 16 as you said in your other question?

At the very least get them bicycles and helmets and TEACH them the rules of cycling. Move closer to town and public transport if you're that hell-bent on never doing anything for them.

Poor kids. I really hope this is a joke thread.

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