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My wife's junk food diet

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Health advice I've been married to my wife for two years. We've been together for six years. Nothing has bothered me more than her diet. Now, I'm not concerned about her weight. She is overweight, but that's not really the main issue for me. I'm more concerned about her overall health.

Since we met, I've been baffled by her diet. She eats the following:
Occasionally fruit
Mashed potatoes
And she drinks probably no less than 192floz of water a day. She drinks a lot of water. Only one or two sodas a day. She always seems to be thirsty. Water doesn't quench it.

I've always thought to myself, she'll outgrow it. Keep in mind, we're both young. She's 21 and I'm 25. She says she a vegetarian, but she isn't. I wouldn't mind if she were, that's fine to me.

Lately she's been feeling depressed, getting terrible migraines. I'm worried one day I'm going to get a phone call that she's in the hospital because her body is failing her. She has eaten this way all her life. I've asked if she'd try the occasional new food, but she refuses and occasionally gets very emotional. I'm not sure how to handle getting her to eat healthier. I sometimes feel like she's a child that just won't grow up.

Any advice?

My wife's junk food diet

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Watch the movie Forks Over Knives together. It is life changing. I don't see how she could watch this without wanting to change at least a little.

I also recommend the books Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis and The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall and The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn.

Unfortunately, you can't force someone to change. Believe me, I have tried with my husband, but he just gets more resistant and stubborn. You can only live by example.

Getting active together by going to the gym, playing sports, hiking, biking etc. will at least help her health from that aspect, but that's only part of the equation. I think you can at least have some influence that way.

Her extreme thirst makes me worry that she might be diabetic or something. Has she been to the doctor?

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