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Distance on a new relationship

My husband and I have been living in different states for about 9 months now. I am finishing up in grad school so I am not capable of move to be with him now, and he move because it was a really good job opportunity for him and will give him much needed experience. Recently, the stresses of school and living apart are really coming down on me. I'm often really lonely and just really missing my husband a LOT. I tried combatting the loneliness with hanging out with my girlfirends and going out to dinner (or having people over for dinner), but this distance nonsense is really getting to me. Any advice for distance relationships in a new marriage?

Distance on a new relationship

LDR's are not the norm and even people who have been married for years find them a challenge if circumstances separate them for a period of time. Successful couples plan regular travel each way to see other and still share their life together by doing the same things even though they are apart. When they do meet up, it's the simple little things that they share which make it all worth while. People in love with each other will find a way to make things work but it's only when they are in love. Yes, you're correct, it's a nonsense, but sometimes it's a necessity which shouldn't become long term, rather it should assist couples to plan their future. If you can survive a LDR when newly married, then you will be all the stronger and wiser for a life of marriage together.

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