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Advice on something, what are you thoughts? Did I do something wrong?

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Until fairly recently, I used to go and visit my great Aunt every Tuesday and every third Sunday. I would shop for her, do things round the house, sort out the cat (when she had one i.e. clean the lit tray, deflea him and arrange for the vet if necessary). My Aunt is an elderly lady and her mind was beginning to go. I therefore took charge of her finances, I took out money for the Gardiner, the hairdresser etc all for her. I never ever abused her card or her trust. Ever. She would give me £50 when I went round which I would use on Amazon. It was a thank you gift from her to me, which she enjoyed giving and I enjoyed spending. Nothing more and nothing less. Had I wanted to abuse her card, when then I would have done. Had I wanted to abuse her trust then I would have accepted money for the trip my boyfriend and I are making to Paris, I would have bought kimono on eBay for my collection using her card, I would have used it on PropStore for my collection - but I didn't, all that was taken was what she gifted me each Tuesday and every third Sunday. Her last gift to me was this Sunday when she was in the hospital; she won't go home now but will go into a home. This now means that my mother and grandmother are going to look at her bank statement, and probably see what she has given me, and accuse me of taking advantage of her. This is not the case and never was. I never abused her card or her trust. If they do flare up at me then I am going to point out that what was taken was what was given, nothing more and nothing less. Would they rather that social services scum stole from her or that cold callers ripped her off? I also feel like pointing out that it was me who she turned to whenever she needed anything, me who sorted out where she was when she was admitted to hospital twice and no one knew where she was, me who sorted out the cat when he went missing, me who changed the lightbulbs or fixed the heating, me who cleaned the front room after she was taken ill, me who arranged the gardener, me who arranged the cleaner, me who put up the Christmas decorations and took them down. I am also going to ask why they are begrudging me some sodding Amazon vouchers when my brother lived in a house rent free after his grandmother died, and then his uncle gave him money to buy one. I didn't get that, no one is going to help me buy a house, even though my boyfriend and I would like one. The fact is when all is said and done, I don't want them to think that I only went round for what she gave me or that I took advantage. I didn't expect her to give me anything, I never held her to ransom about it, I wasn't taking advantage, and I went round and did those things to make sure that she was taken care of and to give my mother and grandmother peace of mind.

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