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I'm in love but there's a big problem

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There's a girl in my school and I really like her. She is so beautiful and I think I might be in love with her. We used to sit next to each other during maths lessons and every lesson was so fun and entertaining because it was the only time I could spend time with her.

Everyone in my school really think we would make a great couple but im terrible with confrontation so I keep saying to everyone that "I don't like her, we're just friend's that soy next to each other and have a laugh", when truthfully i do like her alot. Apart from Maths lessons, I had no communication with her and I didn't really know her before I got placed next to her. I don't use social media so I have no way in contacting her

Also, a couple of weeks ago, before she knew me, one boy had admitted he liked her, and she had said that she likes him back. But now that she has gotten to know me,i think she might like me.

I don't see her at all during any other post op the day but it i ever catch a glimpse of he she usually keeps her head down and looks away

I am also not able to talk to her friends as I barely knew them and I once had a small argument with her best friend years ago, and I don't know if we are alright with each other now.

The only way I can communicate with her is at maths lessons, but we had been separated due to lack of concentration and too much talking. So now I absolutely have no way of communicating with her

Both our 'friends'keep taking the piss and annoying us by making small rumours about my and the girl and although I tell them to stop, and that its stupid, the girl I like just keeps her head down and doesn't say anything. I'm not sure if it's due to embarrassedness and annoyance of the rumours or if she actually likes me aswell and doesn't want everyone finding out.

I think of her everyday and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. But i don't know how to get her and if it can be discreet between us and our friend. Also, they boy that also likes her is quite good friends me and i don't want to be a bad friend to him.

Please help me,i don't know what to do

I'm in love but there's a big problem

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Don't know if anyone else has any better ideas, but Could you not just talk to her? without scaring her off and going too heavy on her. Think about what you want to say too.

It sounds like you both already talk a lot and quite easily to each other, if you both got separated in a lesson for talking to much. You could try talking at break times, after the lesson you have with. It can be done discreetly.

It is really nice you're thinking of your friends feelings too, but it is obviously up to her who she dates. you don't or anyone else to go and ask her out and she says yes, been there, done that with my bf and it's not fun watching someone you have a crush on or in love going out with someone else all because you did speak up! It would probably be harder if it's a friend. So think more about how you feel if that would happen and try to do something.

Ignore your friends taking the p*ss, that won't go on forever.

I'm in love but there's a big problem

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ask her discreetly in a letter or ask to meet her and talk to her that way quietly.

its a shame that you are having to deal with so many immature people who appear to be happiest when sticking their noses into business that is none of their concern.

I suspect these little gossipers are probably jelouse of how much you like this girl because they cannot control things so feel threatened that she is taking some of your attention away from them; and there is probably something in them that also likes seeing other people in minor discomfort and have got too involved so are enjoying the drama/speculation without thinking about how you actually feel about this girl.

most importantly, don't hurt this girl with any more lies or denials, she may not be single for ever and you might find out to your regret or dissapointment that your silly friends will not really care that much once she is out of the way and they have got you back. is that what you want?

just be honest with her and tell her what has gone on. dont worry about what levels of discretion are like later on, you haven't got her yet! you can talk about discretion and whether she can handle it when you talk to her properly and see what she says, but the way it is going, if you are not careful someone soon will ask her out and you will lose someone you like due to your pride and other peoples stupid or interfering! it sounds like you should keep all of your friends OUT of the picture and just talk quietly to this girl. you are sabotaging a potential relationship and her feelings involving others who for now have no right to know anything about either of you in a relationship just yet. focus on her not your stupid friends. they have shown their immaturity and are shown how it is still damaging both of you not helping you get with her. just keep your friends out of your personal business otherwise you will lose this girl (if you ever take the courage to ask her out)!

I think your friends are the real problem at the moment, they are damaging and spoiling things for you both: (intentionally or otherwise!!!) let us know how you get on :-)

I'm in love but there's a big problem

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"Love" and "you want to spend the rest of your life with her"???

WOW - that's pretty intense! Cut back on the extreme statements and just try to be a friend. That's how things start.

You must find a way to get to know her. Really, you don't know her.

You have a crush on someone. What and how do you think you can spend some time with her outside of class? Either with a group or just the two of you.

THAT is your challenge.

Good luck. (and keep friends opinions and influence out of this)

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