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What athletic activity is recommend for a non-athletic person?

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Health advice Honestly, this is a minor concern of mine.
My main goal recently was to boost my self esteem. I excersize once and a while and it always improves the way I feel about myself and my body. And is just a good feeling afterwards in general. But to be honest I am not a very committed person, in any way, most of the things I like to do are things that can be picked up easily, or, in that matter, don't take any physical work.
I considered joining a track program for a while, because running in general is just an easy thing to pick up, and I am not horrible but not exceptionally great either. I can run a mile in about 9:22. The only reason I tell you is I'm not sure what to think of it...
I also think i would rather do independent excersise, but like I said, I am not a very committed person when it comes to this field, and I would probably blow it off. And I'm rather busy also. Having a stricter schedule would help me out.
But then again. Most people my age are involved in activities, and most sports or physical activities open for my age are not a beginners level, which is what I am. Also, I don't want to let anyone down with a bad performance. Because I don't have much athletic background. I guess this is just a little concern that came to mind for quite a while, and I just wanted a bit of advice. Thank you!!

What athletic activity is recommend for a non-athletic person?

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I think you just gotta do what ever you think you're going to like and just go for it. You're gonna to hit the i-really-can't-be-bothered wall, think a lot of people do but you've got to push yourself, coz let's face it, excerise isn't always fun, unless you're really into it. But like you said, it's good for self esteem and there are benefits; higher in energy and you soon notice your body toning up.

To me a mile in 9:22 is pretty fast! Sounds like you're a natural runner already :): I prefer to excerise on my own too, and Not sporty person, would rather sit and read but I make myself to go running or swimming in the week, mixing different sports up helps too.

What athletic activity is recommend for a non-athletic person?

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One word: TRAINER

You need a person that motivates you, guides you, and personalizes a program that you can achieve with the abilities you have!

What athletic activity is recommend for a non-athletic person?

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here are some common things i hear out there and have learend in my own life that might help.

1. Stop thinking about it , as "somethign you do" to lose weight. You must think about it more as a lifestyle change. (that sounds harsh at first, but it actually is easier to do it that way).
2. Pick something you enjoy and commit to start enjoying that again (rather than think of "what workout will help me lose weight"). Again, this is part of the lifestyle change thing and that philosophy is: if you enjoy it, you'll probably do it more than something you don't enjoy.
3. Stop thinking about it as "losing weight" - think more about it as "getting fit" (again, part of the lifestyle change philosophy). You want to internalize it as a positive thing you're reaching for, not a dreaded "chore" you're "supposed to do.

That's a great start. Now onto specifics that might help.

It really is a lifestyle change. In the last 4-5 years I've quit smoking (after 20 years), become rather active (i walk 5-6 miles a day at work just b/c of the nature of my work.. but that has encouraged me to do little thigns on my own too - like take the bust stop before my real stop and walk the difference - about a mile.. take stairs whenver i can instead of the elevator... park in the farthest parking spot rather than the closest when i go out, etc.) I've also done small other things like - i drink water instead of flavored iced teas now (and LOVE the taste of fresh water now! can't get enough of it). I stop putting sugar in my coffee and now just use cream or drink it black. I switched to a whole plant diet (but in its nature is not super strict and i can eat anything i want anytime - but after eating primarily whole plants for a while.. like drinking just water instead of flavored beverages - your taste buds switch to craving more natural tastes than artificial tastes so i find i crave veggies and fruits and reach for them moreso than meats and animal products... but still crave the occasional pizza and allow myself to do that...)

Again.. lifestyle change. Not "workout shcedule" or "diet". It doesn't happen overnight - you have to force yourself to make such changes in the immediate. But stick to it for a bit and it becomes more and more natural. If you have to come off it a while (for a week i was SO HUNGRY i craved meat all week!) no problem. STopping doesnt mean its over. Just go back as soon as you can and keep the mentality "lifestyle choices" and whenver you can make youreslf hesitate so you can choose the healthier lifestyle choice, do it.

It isn't as torturous as you jmight think especially since I allow myself to regress whenever I need to get that craving out of my system. The last tidbit is. when you do regress or give in to cravings - you feel the IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE between how you feel between the healthy vs not so healthy lifestyle choice. Every time I have meat or pizza i am reminded why i feel so much better sticking to whole plant foods...

the real kicker in "lifestyle change" is just that. you re-teach yourself how much better you feel sticking to a healthier lifetsyle than when you don't - and that is PLENTY motivation to keep reaching for the healthy lifestyle.

AS FAR AS EXERCISE: to start out with just walk. make yourself move whenever you think of it. If your'e tired or achy. stop. but move every possibility you can. over time, as you get more fit and shed some extra bagage, it becomes easier. you walk more, faster, farther, notice that you can without laboring or pain. next thing you know you want to walk faster. after that you want to bike. maybe pickup a sport again. gradually.. over time. for now.. start small and keep going it (whatever you enjoy.. PLUS walking).

Good luck!

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