Does he hate me? what does this mean?

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on Dec 30 2016 at 02:30
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Relationship advice forum category advice forum category I first noticed him in the beginning of my second semester. When I first saw him, he stared at me from a distance & his eyebrows were furrowed. Usually I'd see him around the art building because he was taking art too. Every time I'd see him he'd give me direct eye contact (furrowed brows), almost like he was watching me. My sister even thought he could've been racist (I'm black- he's white). I just thought that maybe he just didn't like me. My third semester we were in the same drawing class. For the most part he avoided me. He talked to everybody else normally, so one day I decided to talk to him & with his eyebrows down he only gave me one word responses. After that I left him alone but his behavior got weird. Once I wasn't feeling well in class so I sat down & when I stood up he was staring at me. Then there was a time we were doing a still life drawing & everyone choose where they wanted to be and instead of taking one of the clear spaces, he squeezed his easel in front of mine. Or there are times where I'd look at him and he's get antsy and mess in his hair. Then there was the time when I was drawing & felt like someone was behind me and when I turned around it was him, he quickly walked away. Or once I had to leave class early & so I was putting my things away. He watched me & got upset & put his things away too. Last semester, I only saw him maybe once or twice a week. And he would usually mess in his hair but look the other way or walk the other way entirely. He's always alone, I wondered if he was shy or a loner, but he just walks around campus listening to music. There was one time last semester when I was sitting outside and he walked passed. When I looked at him, he looked like he was scared and walked passed quickly. He's given me double takes twice, that my sister has seen. It seems like he doesn't like me, but then there are those odd signs. I'm shy and I don't know what to do? Do I talk to him? But what if he ignores me? What do I say? Do I write a note and hand it to him? What of he doesn't take it or tosses it out? What do I write? What does this mean?
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Leave his guy alone. Until he decides to be mature enough avoid pushing up on him.
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"What does this mean?"

It means He's very immature (and behaving weird) and you would have a "project" on your hands if you got involved with him.

In the meantime, there are probably some very nice guys who need your attention.

Let sister know that this guy is off limits and to stop frothing you up about him.

He's not your type. Realize this!!

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