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Strict and overprotective

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on Dec 30 2016 at 15:46
Member since: 30 December 2016
Emotional advice forum category advice forum category Hello I'm Emma, I'm fourteen. I have no one to talk to about my mam and dad when I try to explain what they're like people compare their mam and dad to mine like its helps but it doesn't. My mam and dad are really strict and too overprotective. I don't get to go out with my mates much and all I do at home is house jobs or homework. Sometimes I want to live with my nan and grandad because I feel suffocated. They think the best way to discipline me is by smacking, it doesn't happen a lot, but its embarrassin when it does. I don't want to get them into trouble or nothing, I want them to discipline me in another way I want more freedom too I don't know how to say both theses without them getting mad at me like always.
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on Dec 31 2016 at 06:15
Member since: 08 June 2016
EMMAJM what do you mean discipline by smacking or embarrassing when it does? Are they hurting you bruising you etc? No one knows who you are here you remain anonymous all we can do is give advice.
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on Jan 1 2017 at 20:58
Member since: 08 September 2016
Is one of your parents less stricter then the other and do you think you then talk to that parent about this ? Because 14 (in my opinion) is waaaaay too old for them to be doing this.

(Like with my mum and dad, if I don't agree with something , I know my mum is a lot more likely to listen and be more understanding, where as my dad Is more irrational. )

Picking a good moment to bring this up with them when they're more relaxed, not stressed, busy or in the middle of something.

For more freedom learn to compromise with them about going out with your mates or whatever else you want to do. E.g. if they ask you to do house work, say you will (and do it) but ask If you can go out with friends or whatever? They will also need to know they can trust you so it's always good to send a text when you are out.

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