Is my husband over the marriage?

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Posted by MOMMYX3 on Jan 2 2017 at 22:30
Member since: 02 January 2017
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Relationship advice forum category advice forum category We have been married for two year and dating for 3. Before we started dating I was blessed with my son who became my husbands stepson when he was 1.5 years old. At first, my husband treated my son like his own. He was the greatest father to him until my sons father wanted to be apart of his left. Went to court and the courts decided joint custody would be best. Also, the courts ruled in favor of my ex that all step children must call their step parents by their first name only. Broke my husbands heart and he started changing ever since. He began ignoring my we have an almost 18 month old daughter and another on the way. My husband treats my son like an ugly step child....also, we haven't really communicated in over a year. Most of our conversations are one word answers and often times my husband ignores me. Now that I'm writing this all out it seems clear to me that divorce is inevitable but being a Christian I can't let go of the hope that my husband will be his old loving self again......needs words of wisdom and encouragement. Currently, he is a stay at home dad and I work full time and pay our bills. We are renting a home until 2018 and I don't have the money to break the lease....not sure what to do!
Reply from MIGHTYOAK! on Jan 3 2017 at 03:05
Member since: 06 December 2016
I’m so sorry about your situation. I can imagine how difficult this must be for you all. Before you take any drastic decision, I would suggest that you seek the help of a counselor. Sending love and prayers your way. ((Hugs))
Reply from MOMMYX3 on Jan 3 2017 at 07:35
Member since: 02 January 2017
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Thank you very much. Unfortunately, we have met with several counselors. Even have met with our pastors from church. It seems like he takes what they tell us with a grain of salt...I try and try to communicate with him only to be met with silence. I'm heartbroken and extremely lonely. I also feel used since I am the one working and paying all the bills...when I come home from work I'm met with silence. I go to bed alone. He has not gone to any of this pregnancy's doctors appointments and she is due in 15 days. I hate the idea of bringing a new life into this situation...I feel so terrible when he comes home from somewhere and he greets our daughter with so much love and always with a kiss and hug while my son and I get nothing. As a Christian, what am I suppose to do?
Reply from HAPPYKATE on Jan 3 2017 at 09:23
Member since: 03 January 2017
Country: United States
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Reply from SOULMATE (moderator) on Jan 3 2017 at 15:12
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Basically, MommyYX3, he's resigned his post yet won't vacate his desk. Correct?

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