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Depressed and hopeful

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I am new here, I have been online and looking for some advice of what I am in now, and found this website and thought of joining the forum.

I am in a relationship, a long distance relationship with a guy for two years now. He is also working away from his home country, we met there when i was also working, been friends and later it goes beyond that. For some reason I had to come back home and will take time to get back and be with him, although i travel to see him twice a year. Through the help of social networks we talk endless everyday.

He has a micro business with partner, and had issues. I know it has been depressing him of the thoughts that he might close his business. I was sad when he told me one day that "it is better for us to end the relationship because of his difficulties in business. He said that he prefer to hurt himself than to hurt me. and his fear is, if we might not see each other in the future".

I know that we love each other and its hurting us both by his decision. I want to continue our relationship, i am ready to support him in every way, but at the moment, i feel helpless because i am away from him and can't do anything to help him. He wants to cut our communication which depresses so much.

I really don't what else I must do...

I would be very happy if you can give advice....



Depressed and hopeful

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Hi Martinah!
Firstly, matured men who are true and sincere don't just back down easily from important things just like that.
If he really valued you, he wouldn't just be quick to end it all like that.
If truly you both were in a lovey relationship, you should be his best friend and trusted confidant. So if his business hits a rock, its you he should be running to for advice and encouragement. But you know him better than any of us here. Just talk to him sincerely better on a face to face basis. Know what he's scared of so much that he Would want to end what you both have and share just like that.
Talk to him and use your head this time and not your heart to deduce your next logical step.
All the best Tinah!!

Depressed and hopeful

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Hi Royalblood

Thanks for your reply.

We are currently in a long distance relationship situation,, over the past few months he already consulted me and I gave him advice about it.. right now he's fear is we might not see each other again if he goes back to his country (we have different nationality).

If he lose his business and we will be far from each other, he's thinking we might not be together.
I still have over a year on my home country to finish what i need to do

Right now, we just talk only if i say Hi,, his replies are short, although i know he is trying to distant himself.

I always show him my support may it be on good and especially right now that he is in a bad situation....

Depressed and hopeful

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Its all good Tinah. Let him keep doing the needful and you too keep doing what you have to do and be good at it. Matters of love never ends.
Just don't let it affect you or any of your daily tasks in anyway. Just be happy and cheerful and keep keeping in touch as much as you can. But if it gets to a point that you feel its all been washed down the drain, best advice is you take a walk out with heads high knowing you gave it your best.

Depressed and hopeful

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His business is not doing well, so he wants to end it with you, too?

Manly, stubborn pride - huh? or little boy pouting because things are not going his way so he won't play any more.

Tell him he's being foolish and selfish. After two years, you deserve better than this.

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