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A bad relationship

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on Jan 7 2017 at 20:55
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Relationship advice forum category advice forum category Hi I didn't know it was going to come to this but I can't take anymore anoths anoth what am I meant to do next. Well here it goes I been in a relationship for 11 years now am 28 with to kids to this man. I need to sort it coz it's unfair on my kids everything's a argument th he starts with me. Am so up set coz of th was he speaks to me like am a door mate I do everything I possibly can but he don't seem to see it. When he argues with me he says th most hurtful things to me like am fat thick in th head I make his skin cruel am a bad mum that's y he's with me coz I can't look after th kids. Then th other stuff is he never take me out he always plans nights out with his mate it's like am only here to be his mum feel like am getting used most time like for sex to just doss in th house on his game y am sorting kids out for bed every night that's a brief of it anyway is there anyone out ther with similar problem why do I do to have a nice life an nice lovely man with it that's all I want x
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on Jan 10 2017 at 13:08
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Hi Wallace!

Am sure every kid look up to their parent in their formative years.

If my mum was to be in an abusive relationship, the best she could do for me is to see how best to resolve the abuse or better quit it completely for her and my good.

If you have a daughter and she grows up in such environment, you've just ruined her future, cos when she grows, she would act like you and may end up in a bad marriage and decide to stay for kids and it becomes a vicious circle.

Talk to your husband sincerely and hope things turns out fine.

I so believe everyone in life deserves better than they receive. Your kids deserve more. Save their future from such abusive home.

More importantly you deserve love. Wouldn't like seeing you looking 60 when you not even 30.

You need a healthy and lovely life, if your husband is not giving you that, you demand and deserve that.

No harm in taking a break and possibly leaving with kids for a while till he returns back to his senses. Plus you could start by talking to his family members or his closest friend or a model to him, a person he respects so much. You both could just reignite and get back to being the best couple ever.

But above all, you deserve love and your kids deserve to be brought up in a home where love is always in the air. You owe it to them. Don't be afraid of the uncertainties of the future. Nature has a way of taking care of her own when fighting a good cause.

All the best Wallace. Keep the family here posted on whatever outcome you take.


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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Jan 10 2017 at 15:41
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Couldn't agree more! Every single insightful word and sentiment!

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