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Emotional advice forum category advice forum category Me and my family migrated to Australia couple of years back. Before migrating we always had plans to sponsor our both parents on permanent migration so they can live with us. Since me and my wife are the only child in the family there is no one else to look after them. Parent migration (sponsored) costs a lot of money. We don't have that kind of money, I am reluctant to use the little savings we have in hand because I have to think about our kids and our future too. Nothing is free in Australia, so have to plan the retirement as well which is not so far.

If we are to sponsor all four of them then I will have to take another loan in addition to my current housing loan which I am not in a position to do that. Considering the current situation at home, our kids are still schooling and I am not in a position to leave them in Australia and go back to my home country and look after the parents. If I let this go on like this, I will come to a situation where : when they cant look after them selves there wouldn't be anyone to look after them during their last stages and thinking about the worst situation.

I am thinking about this day and night and I am having sleepless nights. This really brings me a heavy heart all the time and bothers me a lot.

This is the dilemma I am in right now, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Hey Simbad,

Honestly, I love the way you feel towards your parents and parents in laws welfare. Nice one

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