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A long time relationship

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Relationship advice When in high school, I confessed to girl that I had feelings for her, and she agreed to start a relationship with me. We were both fine together,not obsessed, but stayed together when we could. At that time both of us were seeing other men, which means it was more of an open relationship. I didn't take it seriously until years later I can't but think of her, I called her back but she changed, she also moved to another country. I have a crush on guys regularly but it never seems to work out. I don't think of her that much either, but some days I can't help the thought that I want us back together and think of how perfectly we matched each other, I still haven't met a guy which I felt this way towards him. My question is what should I do? Is it better to move on and date guys? Or date girls? She keeps making me think that I love her because I might be a lesbian, but I don't think the idea of dating anyone else would suit me, it even sounds disgusting.

A long time relationship

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My dear,
Your case is a case of not made up mind. You can't rob Peter to pay Paul. You need to understand who you are first before making a decision.
It could be that you still having thoughts of her cos you were young then and got into a fling then with her.(first impression matters). So now you equate all relationship you enter with that of your high school female lover.
Thing is, do you want to be with a female or a male? Choose one. After making a choice, your problem would be half solved. Then from there we could now assist you further.
All the best ms.

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