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Finding out that my husband was going to leave me

I knew my husband was cheating on me but I didn't know that he was actually going to leave. This happened 12 years ago but recently I was speaking with my mom "n" law and somehow our conversation lead to the time my hubby/her stepson was cheating on me. I guess she knew that I knew it all but I didn't. I didn't know that his whole family was involved in his decision to stay with me. It hurt so bad to know that he was just going to up and leave. Now my problem is do I say something to him about how hurt I am or do I move on? I am trying to not give him an attitude about some old history that we worked out. I don't want to destroy the joy we have now.

Finding out that my husband was going to leave me

This happened 12 years ago? What good will it do now to go over his thought process at a time he was under immense stress? Why drag the extended family into this now? Remember: he was thinking of doing something, and changed his mind. That included staying with you. Why destroy the "joy" you have now? Perhaps counseling for you would help to figure out why this incident is still so raw for you and you chose to go over it in your mind instead of living in the present. Perhaps the "joy" is not as you wish it to be?

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