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Need to dive in, and fast

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Money advice I just turned 28. I am stuck in a small town that I DO NOT want to be in. I want to live in a city, in warm temperatures, near the ocean. I would even love to live overseas.

I have so many things im interested in but not good enough in them to get a job in them yet. Im not sure which one to choose and dive into to make it my career and love it and love life. I am not work driven, I am happy-life driven as the amount of trauma and misery Ive experienced thusfar (just turned 28 yesterday) is enough for 6 lifetimes.

Ive made mistakes and poor choices but I want to overcome them SO BAD and make the life changes i need to, to be happy and a helpful member of society.

Limitations: I have a felony DWI (so no license in NY at least) :( I have an injured ankle that has limited mobility and is painful when doing too much but it is getting better with nerve blocking shots. I have clinical depression (that i take meds for).

Positives: I am very intelligent. I love helping people. I love learning and never ceasing to grow. I am the most honest, loyal person youll ever meet. I have a heart of gold. Etc- resume.

Career interests (not in any order) :
●special effects makeup
●cruise ships/ ocean hospitality
●human services, hr, hospitality

There are more but those are the top. I am stuck in a deep dark rut and I would VERY MUCH appreciate your advice/ any help available to get out and be happily successful.

I am pretty smart so Im really looking for info that isnt easily attainable or offered by local social services (as Ive tried them) I am currently on social services support so my income is near to none making it hard to save. Im interested in #1 any help to get out of this rut, #2 maybe possibly jobs/ careers in the above mentioned fields that I havent heard of (not the basics).

I think too much and it confuses my mind and I get stuck. I am willing to do whatever it takes :) Thanks in advance!

Need to dive in, and fast

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When is the last time you consulted with a job placement company or applied for jobs, perhaps as makeup artistry?

You must decide to make it a goal to find some kind of income so you can live your "happy-life."

do a budget, then decide to find that job.

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