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My girlfriend is a frequent nudist

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Relationship advice I am in a relationship with a lovely girl. She live on her own, and she has a secret.

She is a nudist, and will always tempt me to take my clothes off, even if it is freezing cold. She would even go outside in the dark nude, and insists I join her.

I am not always comfortable with this. How can I get her to stop? Also, she loves to tie me up. I love her, but think of ending. I don't want to though.

My girlfriend is a frequent nudist

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Hi JC21BC,

It's a little unclear what you would like her to stop doing. Would you like her to stop being a nudist, or, stop insisting that you also remove your clothes?

Does being tied up bother you?

If someone in a relationship continually insists on their partner doing something they are uncomfortable with, it is not a sign that they respect boundaries. If youre simply uncomfortable with the amount of nakedness she partakes in, then youu cant change her behaviour; you simply have to decide whether it is a deal breaker. If she is guilt tripping, not listening to your "no" or mocking you for not doing something then that is a deal breaker. It is considered abusive.

You know your relationship and what the boundaries are within that. Only you can make the decision of how to move forward

Take care

My girlfriend is a frequent nudist

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I don't think you have covered everything. She temps you to take your clothes off. Sounds great to me unless you are at a football game, in the mall, or something like that. She insists you go nude with her outside in the dark. That sounds pretty safe, depending on where you are. She likes to tie you up. Come on, people tie other people and then do something with them. What really bothers you? Do you trust her?

People frequently allow their fear to control them. Fear of injury, judgement, failure, etc. Never trust your fear.

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