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Advice needed

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Relationship advice Hello everyone
My ex wife has literally destroyed my relationship with my family and friends with her habitual lying and narcissistic tendencies. After being divorced for 20 years she still tries to turn people against me. I think she fears If people learned what I know about her she'll lose control and be caught for the liar she is? In order to keep this short i will hit a highlight of just one thing I've had to deal with.
1. She lied (not just to me) and said she was raped by her boyfriend (30 years ago) and got pregnant. The same guy is a twice convicted child molester who (I just found out 3 months ago) she's kept in contact with during and after our divorce. What's gotten me pissed about the situation is after our divorce I paid my support faithfully every week and also gave her money and paid some of her bills on the side to make sure my son and stepson was taken care of. The whole time she was sending this piece of shit money, but she couldn't pay for my son's school lunch. I only found out because I got online to check his grades and etc.. Don't get me wrong I had no problems calling the school each week to pay for his lunches. But she chose to support a piece of shit in prison instead of making sure her kids had lunch!
The boys are adults now and doing good but they seem to overlook all the shady shit she's pulled in life and did to people.
A year ago she married this same piece of shit and denies saying he raped her and that he's innocent and didn't molest the two children even though he spent 6 years in prison the first time and 4 years the next stretch wtf! Everyone I know friends & family has no clue that this person is classified as a "violent sexual predator" because she has lied to everyone and down played it. The people I thought were my friends are just fake now and basically believe whatever shit spews out of her mouth. I never did anything to these people, actually I've lived away for years. I guess part of me just wants to expose her for the piece of shit she is but I don't want to hurt the boys either? I could write a book on other things she did lol! Any advice or thoughts are welcome. Thanks for letting me vent! +0(

Advice needed

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Sit back, enjoy a beverage and relax.

I study crime for a living. If this man is a "violent sexual predator" he will continue to commit crimes. Violent offenders rarely stop being criminals. Once they get older they may downgrade their crimes to non-violent offenses but they are still criminals. Figure in no time this man will be caught doing something else. The loved ones of any criminal get pulled into the judicial vortex as well. Somebody will have to come up with bail money, attend court proceedings and fill that prison commissary account. Nobody likes to go without soap and Raman noodles.

You don't have to do anything but wait.

If this man is classified as a "violent sexual predator" and if he is in the US he should be listed on your state's sex offender registry. If someone insists he isn't a violent sexual offender, send them the link to his page on the registry. One can't really argue with a clear mug shot and a list of offenses.

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