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I think I'm sick!

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hi! I think Im sick! im 23 years old.. and I had couple relationships in my life (of course) but none of them had a good ending.. I mean frankly I couldn’t have at least one sex! or maybe its better I say that at least one kiss! so I think u r agree with me.. I don’t know who r u.. and whats your job.. I just search on the internet and this was my first site.. and I don’t know why am I writing this to u.. but it doesn’t matter if u read it or not.. cause I am sure that u can not do anything.. let me tell u about my self.. I am an artist.. I am a musician.. I live in austria.. (u know where the Austria is.. don’t u?).. I just came here about 1 month and half ago! I am originally from iran.. (I think u know where the Iran is? im quite sure about that) so.. now I am studying here.. music! but the point is.. when u live in iran.. u don’t think about your relationship and about if u had sex in your life or not.. (at least I was like this) but here.. cause I think I am a little alone right now.. most of the time I am thinkin about this damn thing that I am a virgin! last night I had something like a date! I don’t know what should I name it.. but.. a girl send me a message (I girl who I knew her from the university! not from the street) and told me why don’t u come here (in a café) it was about 11.30 pm! so I told her “ok” I will be there at 12 pm! then I went there.. and she told me I just broke up with my boyfriend (last week) then I just came here and I was alone and lab lab lab... the point is.. I couldn’t do anything.. cause I just was speaking about myself and my problems.. and iran and irans problems and politic .. wow! yea its awful.. I just find about today when I was thinkin about last night! the problem is that now I think I have no experience with “girls-things”.. the problem is I don’t know what should I do! do u know? I was thinking today.. and I thought maybe its better if I go to the some comunities or classes about psychology.. I don’t know whats the name of it.. I have seen them in the movies! so.. what do u say? Am I sick? or not? u can call me “qbqbqb” cheers. qbqbqb

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