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Rego insurance. Ownership enquiry

My x states his dad owns a particular vechile... and therefore not claiming as an asset... I don't have the rego number...only names and addresses. I'd also like to find out who is paying for the insurance on the vechile, if in fact there is any. Where would I go and how could I find out what vechile or vechiles are in fact owned by my x?

Rego insurance. Ownership enquiry

We don't know where you are. Every country is different on what they may or may not tell you. I am in the data business. I have yet to see a list on the Internet explaining which vehicle is own by what person. Do you have a license or tag number for the vehicle? If I were you I would visit your country's department of motor vehicles, bring everything you know about the alleged vehicle owners, the vehicles, and the license/tag numbers. Also bring cash because they will probably charge for a report.

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