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Trying to deal with 2 years of constant life devastating moments

- Feb 11 2017 at 00:45
Member since: Feb 2017
Other advice im 22 and i have been through the worst two years of my life. i went through a break up at the beginning of 2015 who i had been with for 4 years. A month after that i found out that i had a benign brain tumor which was causing my migraines and dizziness which i had to have surgery for 5 months later.

i had the surgery and got back to work in 2016 and got into a long distance relationship in January of 2016 which was great for two months and then she dumped me for no reason then two months later i start getting blurred vision and headaches again and had to have two surgery's during the year.

i dealt with having to go through this again by supporting my very ill Nan and living there basically keeping her company and helping her, she was my best friend and loved her so much, we was very close and then in November 2016 she went into hospital and passed away which Ive been really struggling with.

Trying to deal with 2 years of constant life devastating moments

- Feb 13 2017 at 08:05
Member since: Feb 2017
I'm sure sorry for all that's happened but..some of it has positives depending on how you look. Your brain tumor is benign, that is've got tons of chances now. The relationship is disappointing but you really are better off knowing now than later.

None of these things are easy you've gone through but you're here and you've chances now. Make the most of them. (((Hugs)))

Trying to deal with 2 years of constant life devastating moments

- Feb 14 2017 at 03:55
Member since: Dec 2016
I’m so sorry for the difficult situations you have been going through. I’m praying that the Lord will make His invisible presence very real to you during this painful time in your life, and that He Himself will intervene in a wondrous way to fill the empty places in your heart.

May our Heavenly Father touch your body with His healing hand and surround you with His peace.

Trying to deal with 2 years of constant life devastating moments

- Feb 16 2017 at 19:11
Member since: Mar 2017
I, too, feel a need to express regret for your recent challenges. I understand your frustration and anger. No one deserves such grief and pain and you may be justified to ask, "why me?”. If you are a spiritual person you may also want to ask yourself why do bad things happen to good people or why is life disproportionately unfair? I really doubt that you want to hear “what does not kill you, makes you stronger”, but it may be worth considering. Very few of us have these answers but perhaps we can explore some possibilities.

First of all, life is not fair. If it was, we would all be “screwed”. There is no secular answer for this, but maybe there are spiritual answers. Do you believe in natural laws or universal truths? Where or from whom do these truths come from? Is this source of truth for you a benevolent (kind) source or malevolent (mean)? Once you identify this source, your comfort or at least your understanding of your circumstances may improve. If your “god” is malevolent, then you simply got what you deserved. If your “god” is kind and loving (benevolent), then you need to explore what He wants from you that He would allow such pain and grief.

Whether you believe in the Bible as a source of truth, you may want to read the book of Job. And you thought you had problems!

I wish you the best. It sounds like life owes you a break or two. Please keep us informed regarding your own emotional reconciliation with your grief and how you arrived at this.

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