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Why can't I get over my ex??

Please help me. I have been broken up from my ex for almost a year and I cant stop thinking about how things could have been different. I keep blaming myself and crying that he don't want me and will meet someone else. We have a three year old son together and were together five years. Most of it was not that great. Honestly I never felt loved and he put everything else before our son and me. I felt unappreciated for everything I did and ended up resenting him. This led to me yelling and not acting like my normal self. I know I'm not perfect but I just wanted to be wanted. I'm the summer he wanted to get back together and stupid me actually feel for it. But now I am living with my Mom who knows how he treated me. I was trying to see if he could really change and not move too fast. He would ask me to sleep over but I just didn't feel it was right yet. I mean the reason we are not living together is because we couldn't get along. After a few months he stops answering me calls and messages. When I ask him what's going on he says its not working out because I'm not putting enough effort. Meanwhile he couldn't invite me to a family party, canceled plans on me last minute. I just feel so rejected and the fact that he wasn't even going to tell me. I mean I am the mother of his child not just some girl he just met. I don't know how to get over him. I need to move on...any advice please???

Why can't I get over my ex??

hi, firstly I think it's a good thing you want advice to move on, you've accepted that it's not going to work anymore. I went through the exact same thing last year, I broke up with my boyfriend of 4& a half years and was absolutely heartbroken. It's so tough losing your comfort blanket and you tend to look back at the good times and miss them. again, it's good you've acknoweledged that times weren't great when you were together and often that's not because someone is to blame or someone's doing something wrong, you simply just don't work perfectly together and that's okay. you deserve to hold out for someone who it works well with and someone who makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel loved and wanted. In the meantime, focus on spending time with your friends, family and most importantly on yourself :)

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