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Drug advice Hello so I am in need of some advice on what to do in my situation I'm going to keep it relatively short. So here's what happened I have this friend who I happen to sell weed to, we'l call him Mike. Well mikes girlfriend brok up with him a couple weeks ago and I recently had sex with her at a party last weekend and we've been talking ever since. Well I went to go sell Mike an ounce yesterday and he showed up with 5 guys. I thought nothing of it because Mike always seemed like a nice guy and I had no clue he knew I had sex with his ex. Well I handed him the weed and he took off with it because I had sex with his ex.

Here is the wierd part that I need advice on this morning he actually was apologizing and wanted to meet up so he could give it back I met up with him with 3 of my buddies he came alone and gave it back with about a bowl pack missing. My question is do I forgive him and keep seeing his ex or do I beat him up or do something to him for robbing me.

Cliff notes: had sex with dudes ex
He robbed me 1 ounce of weed
Gave the weed back and apologized

Any advice or comments would be appreciated

Dealing with a problem

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TALK! Both of your options suck I am sorry to say. Sit down and talk to him. You have no idea how he is feeling or who has been in his head about the situation. Talk together and work it out together. How do you know he is not shattered about this girl? The fact that he gave the weed back (albeit missing some)shows there is some kind of reasonable person in there. Therefore I feel you need to be reasonable too (which you sound like you can be). Shit happens in life and sorry but drugs screw your perception of situations up.

Sit down and talk to the guy and work together on the solution. Girls will come and go until you find the right one to spend the rest of your life with. Be the man that he has shown you he is. Never know, you may all be able to laugh it off in the end and move forward.

Violence is rarely the answer unless you are about to be murdered or raped, in that case fight like hell.

Good luck

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