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So confused about ex please help

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Please bear with me but myself and my ex were together for 16 months. We split due to arguments. He ended it and i was devestated. We both had said we had never had this connection before he told me i was his soul mate etc... but when we had silly arguments he cliamed i was petty and he was to stubborn and together we didnt deal with conflict well. Anyway after the break up he said he still loved me and wanted to be friends as he still enjoyed my company. I said no as i thought friends would be to hard. As we still loved one another and still sexual attraction on both sides. Anyway he kept txting me and one day i exploded at him saying you just want to be friends so you can keep me there while u decide what u want... so u can be single have fun.... anyway this caused a major fallout and we went no contact for 7 weeks. Now ive contacted him ready to be friends and hes unsure. He said we can try but that hes wary after me saying it would feel like hes playing me. He said that really hurt him as i should know he is not like that... we have been back in touch for a few days and at first he was txting a lot but the last few days hes went quiet. I dont know what to do... he still has all my pics up on his social media so i dont know if hes really over me or not... i think deep down i still love him and want some sort of relationship . Is it better to have them in your life or should i just cut ties again.. its so hard.

So confused about ex please help

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maybe you are better as friends for the moment. there is a lot in your post that sounds like you are not ready yet for this. stubborn arguments with a soulmate: no contact!!!! (that im afraid i think is quite childish but very very common these days sadly: n/c that is,) have we lost the means of talking completely as a society? and for 7 weeks! you are even keeping the time frame on this no talking matter!!!!

maybe take some time off to cool things down a bit.are you sure you reasons for wanting this person back in what seems a bit of a hurry is really about not wanting not to be single?

if you think you love him and if it can work, then good for you, but i wouldn't hold my breath at this moment. maybe come back to it later on. you are not sure, and that doesn't sound like true love i'm afraid! sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but it doesn't: but good luck with your situation, there is nothing to say that a little time apart cant bring you back together if it is meant to be. if im totally honest with you your situation just sounds a little bit immature i'm afraid. i don't mean that in a disrepectfully personal way to you, but you might find more peace for the moment if you do consider cutting those ties for now or if you feel it appropriate (in the long run too).

there are so many potential people out there each looking for a new partner and are genuine and available; its just a matter of chance and willingness to know what is good for you and what you have tried that has made you unhappy or needs a bit of space sometimes.

whatever you do in the future you need to talk about it!!!! "no contact doesn't help anyone"! (however trendy it is right now to dish it out to others for the slightest petty and conceited reasons or imagined slights").

good luck,

you will get to a happier place soon i am sure, with or without your ex.
just give it time.

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