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In a hell like situation - need helpful suggestions

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Last week, when I returned home after my job, few unexpected things happened. We started with a small discussion. But it turned into an argument. She did not agree with me on many things. Finally, I had to raise my voice. I am having a loud voice and it can be heard from outside. Our neighbors thought that we are having a fighting. Hearing all the noises, they thought it is something serious and called up the police. I was charged for domestic violence. We were confused on this situation. As they have moved legally, we have to hire a defence lawyer (*** link removed by moderator ***). Has anyone gone through a similar situation? I would like to know whether I can prove myself right. Is there a way that we solve these problems and get back to life? Really fed up with these situations. Need helpful suggestions.
Thanks for hearing my story.

In a hell like situation - need helpful suggestions

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I haven't gone through such a situation but have a friend who has. You have my sympathies.

My first instinct would be to trust your defense lawyer. He's your advocate and should be able to help you better than anyone on an anonymous forum.

Second, is your wife on your side? (i.e. NOT pressing charges?) In that case, I'd think the misunderstanding would be pretty easy to clear up. She notes that you got into a heated argument, but no abuse. The neighbors had a misunderstanding, no big deal. If she's not, it gets harder.

FWIW, the first was charged by his wife and ended up accepting a plea deal which *really* sucked. But she charged him and he didn't have a lawyer. I suspect those two details will make a great deal of difference in your case.

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