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My boyfriend keeps adding single girls on facebook should i be worried?

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on Mar 9 2017 at 13:40
Member since: 09 March 2017
Relationship advice We've been together for 2 almost 3 years.And ever since i gave birth to our child we have fights.But when we moved we had this a big fight this one day and i ended up with my phone broken.Since its been broken hes been adding alot of single girls on facebook.I confronted him about it and He told me so what if he adds girls your jealous again?You think im cheating but im not. So i left him alone to give him his space that he needs for a guy. But as a father of 2 girls from his first gf and 1 son from me , Should he be allowed to look at other girls and add them too? I'm concerned about if hes actually talking to all those girls or maybe even meeting up with them close by our house. Sigh help any advice ?
My boyfriend keeps adding single girls on facebook should i be worried?
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on Mar 9 2017 at 22:42
Member since: 29 December 2013
It's not so much about should your BF be allowed to to look at other girls and then add them on FB, it's about WHY he needs to do this. If he demonstrates that he does this, then he's basically disrespecting you and your relationship together. He's either committed to you and your son, or he's not.

You need a man who supports and respects you 100% and most importantly, you need a man who is a decent role model for your son. Ask yourself what kind a man adds single girls on FB and then rubs his partners face into it after being in a relationship for nearly 3 years and has a young son (not to mention two other children) to help care for and nurture?

His very actions of adding girls (single or not) on FB while in a relationship with you, tell you that he is, in fact, cheating on you and he's betraying the trust of your relationship together.

My boyfriend keeps adding single girls on facebook should i be worried?
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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Mar 11 2017 at 23:13
Member since: 19 August 2014
Agree. It's not necessarily *active* cheating, but it is a foot on the thinnest end of the whole cheating wedge. But then, desperate is as desperate does.

Why is he desperate to make you feel jealous and threatened to point of allowing himself to stoop as low as to use a known, abusive (negatively emotionally manipulative) tactic?

Can I hazard a guess? Did these fights begin because, as a new, no doubt knackered mother, you haven't had half as much as bedroomy energy as before?

What's he like, otherwise? Good husband, best friend, provider, emotional supporter, dad and playmate?

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