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I am Female, 26 years,
We both are in 5 years distance relationship & we meet each other once before 4 years.
Now we are going to marry soon.

But He is asking for virginity test before that ( me & he also will give the test).

Will u tell me pls, is it correct to give this type of test??


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How is he going to prove he is a virgin?

Is this a cultural/religious requirement or is it him who is demanding this?


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He was told me, there is some medical test to know the virginity of both.

No, there is no cultural & religious requirement..

Only he is demanding this..

He told me that, me is pure virgin & i wish my wife too, so as me going to marry u, so u hv to give the test to prove that u r virgin, if the test is negative, then i will accept u..

But u hv to give test..

I don't hv problem with any test, bcoz i know that my result will be sportive as nothing mistake made by me in past.

But, i am very much depressed that, he don't trust me.. or how i will face to doctor, what doctor will think about me...

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