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Housemate has changed now I'm in a relationship

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Relationship advice I think i need to give a little bit of history.

The housemate i am living with was my ex about 13 years. It didn't work out but we remained friends and good friends at that.

I lived down south for years and transferred back to the city that me and my ex used to live in. She still lives here. So the idea was that i stay at hers short term and get a flat myself.

In the interim years i came out as gay which kind of knocked her for six but i thought we'd got over that.

However we got on well enough we thought it would be a good idea to share a house which at first it was fine

Until i met someone and we started going out. Now this person is transgender. Going through the process of male to female transition.

My housemates attitude changed a lot. Very quiet. Would not mention their name...Acting jealous and getting on my case about little things i hadn't done.

Anyway we had a fight one night about it all managed to clear the air but in order to save my relationship with my housemate i stepped away from my relationship ship with 'Emily'

And everything was fine. Until i started seeing Emily again .

It's all gone south at home. I spend a lot of time at Emily's as you would when you are with a in a romantic relationship

My relationship with my housemate has broken down. I try to talk to her and she replies in very curt responses. Never asks me about Emily. Almost like she doesn't exist.

I pay rent. Utilities. Etc on time but I'm not there much but do feel like the house is hers and only hers.

Its a very awkward situation.

Any ideas?

Housemate has changed now I'm in a relationship

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I'd agree that it seems a lot like the roommate is jealous. I could be wrong, but from what you're describing, it sure seems like it.

Which is natural! I mean, I don't really want to hear about my ex's love life. (Far less live with him.) It's possible, too, that the roommate/ex has an easier time with a not-her-gender love than her own. (As she sees dudes as "not your thing", while when it's a woman, suddenly she wasn't enough for you.)

I have no idea. But, honestly, it sounds miserable. Really miserable. If it were me, I'd look for a new roommate. (I mean, be polite until then and spend lots of time with Emily, but ugh. Your situation sounds super awkward.)

Housemate has changed now I'm in a relationship

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Your stay was supposed to be short term. Its now time to leave.


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