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I've reported my abusive ex to the police

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Hello everyone.. I had been in a relationship with a guy since year 2015.. everything started off ok and I had thought I've found the right person but but as the time passed and our relationship grew intimate.. I found out that he had been involved in sexual relationship with other girls as well.

Before summer 2016, I found pictures of various girls including mine in his laptop. I felt really disgusted and decided to break up with him. I didn't even wanted to see his face anymore. I felt like I had made the biggest mistake of my life trusting him because afterwards he began to blackmail me with my pictures because I was not willing to forgive him..

Ever since november 2016, I had been blackmailed by him but about a week ago after I decided that I've had enough, I contacted the police and told my parents about the situation. Under police security I went to meet up with him and got him arrested. The police beat him up very much and said that they have erased the entire data from his laptop and phone..

I still feel really uncomfortable and sick whenever I imagine his face.. Although the police has assured me that he will never bother me again and I have changed my contact number as well but he still knows about the university I study in.. I just feel really scared all the time.. I just don't ever want to see him near me again or I will lose my mind. I think I'm traumatized by this experience for life.. I need some help to overcome this fear..

I've reported my abusive ex to the police

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The Police beat him up??? What -literally?

What about Victim Support, did you get a call from them?

Are you a British citizen?

Yes, you are traumatised. You've been in a (er) relationship with a Narcissist. Berbom. They know how to push your primitive buttons and activate all these negative feelings, including a sense of fear, etc. And what he did at end of Year 1 is known as Triangulation, a specialty of the highly narcissistic or full-blown Narcissist - actually mildly mentally ill, specifically, personality disordered, capable of functioning in life bar at the close range-ness of a romantic pairing (AS YOU FOUND OUT).

RSvP and I'll search my archives for some pertinent links. Understanding how they tick and why, disempowers. You basically dated a (er) man with childhood issues whose emotional side is aged about - oooh...six years old, if that. Hence the childish tantrum in adult(ish) stylee with adult tools within his reach.

What did he blackmail you over? Just publishing your personal, private pictures on the web, or worse?

I've reported my abusive ex to the police

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(Beg pardon and strike third question, should have thought to click your profile for your country of origin.)

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